How I can Help You

My goal is to help you feel better, to enhance your relationships and your life. In therapy, we can work to develop a personal toolkit filled with tools, strategies, and reminders for managing tough times and situations. Your toolkit might include new ways to communicate effectively with your partner, children, co-workers, or friends. It might include methods to help you manage anxious or frustrating feelings. It might include reminders of your overeating triggers and ways to help you resist the impulse to go to food.

When I work with you, we explore, discover and understand your feelings and your old family messages. Knowing them, we can work to help you change behaviors that aren’t working, and find new ways to have better relationships and a happier, richer life. I have extensive training and experience in a variety of approaches, and there are specific methods that can be invaluable for certain issues. I use those techniques whenever they can help my clients achieve his or her goals.