"If you are not being yourself in the relationship, who is the other person loving?"

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling Psychotherapy & TherapyThere are times when significant relationships aren’t working and you wonder what to do to make them better.  People often say they feel lonely in the relationship, they don’t feel heard or understood, parenting styles are different and they don’t feel united.  Sometimes, they’ve simply given up, moved apart physically or emotionally, and don’t know how to get back the joy they once had with their partner. This is when couples counseling can be helpful

Couples often have different ideas about what the problem is in the relationship and don’t realize that until exploring it in couples therapy. When you and your partner meet with me online for counseling, we talk about what isn’t working and how each of you sees the problem.  We also take a look at how each of you feels in the relationship. 

We then find ways to work on communicating with each other, listening to each other, and understanding the value of compromises that work for both of you.  In this way, couples therapy can help you begin to create a relationship that works.