“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding...” — Kahlil Gibran

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual TherapyIf you are considering individual psychotherapy, you are probably feeling some dissatisfaction with your life as it is.  Whether this dissatisfaction has been going on for a while, or you are suddenly facing a crisis that you aren’t sure how to manage, individual therapy can help.

Individual therapy with a skilled psychotherapist presents you with an opportunity to examine your life.  Do you have balance in your life; do you spend too much time alone, or not enough time alone?  Do you have issues around trust?  Do you feel you have the capacity to love and be loved?  Are you able to set appropriate goals and enjoy successes?

If you have never worked with a psychotherapist, The thought of talking about yourself and being vulnerable with someone you don’t know, can seem daunting.  Individual therapy can be a rich experience, helping you review how you structure your life in ways that enhance you and also in ways that limit you.  It can help bring contentment and enrichment into your life.